Beauty Tips

 We all have different hair textures, lengths,  color and style preferences. In order to achieve our desired looks require a personal set of methods- whether it be lightening our color using bleach, using thermal appliances to make it smooth and straight or curly, getting a permantent texture change (because we all want what we don't have) or growing our length out because it's what we've always wanted. No matter what your goal, remember your hair's health is KEY! Long hair isn't cute if you can see through the ends; light hair isn't beautiful if the hair is so damaged it's breaking; straight hair isn't pretty unless it's shiny and strong; color isn't vibrant unless you maintain the INTEGRITY of your hair so that it has the ability to hold color. I know us hairstylists repeat these things over and over again, but there's a few global rules for healthy hair you should be following: 


1. Get a trim every 6- 8 weeks.


Trust us, your hair IS growing. Thermal damage and neglecting to get it trimmed will cause the hair to break and will cause the illusion that it's not growing.  Ladies, if you have roots- there's proof that it IS! If you get it trimmed frequently, though it may take longer to get it to your desired length, it will be STRONG and BEAUTIFUL.





2. Invest in your hair's health


Let's face it- having your hair professionally cut and colored isn't cheap. It's an investment. It only makes sense to also make an investment in quality products that will maintain your hair's health and integrity so that is CAN preserve vibrant color and make your new style achievable AT HOME!


We think hairstylists hear all too often clients say, "I love my hair when I get it done at the salon, but I can't do it when I get home." Well, that's a problem!


It's our mission to address that common complaint and many times it's as simple as using the right product the right way. 


Trust your hairstylist. We won't steer you in the wrong direction. Afterall, YOUR our walking advertisement! We want you to have beautiful, HEALTHY hair, EVERY DAY that you feel confident in styling and wearing PROUD!




3. Use thermal protection.


Most people forget that their hair is an extension of their skin. Have you ever accidently put your hand on a flat iron or curling iron? OUCH! With tempature's exceeding 400 degrees, it's pretty obvious why we scream. Let's put it this way- if your hair had a mouth and a voice, it would scream too if you put heat on it without a thermal appliance. That goes for blowdrying too. Ever have a hairstylist hold a blowdry on one spot of your hair for too long? OUCH! THAT'S HOT! Do your beautiful hair a big favor, make the investment in a good thermal protector and save your hair the devestation of "screaming" and ultimately, breaking and splitting. Most of our thermal protectors serve more than function...


AQUAGE- "BEYOND SHINE" is our zero-hold thermal protector that can transform virtually ANY hair texture to be silky smooth and straight with unbelievable shine. This aerosal mist contains ultra-light silicones and UVB sunscreens that shield the hair from thermal damage and environmental factors like the sun and humidity. This product is life changing. Sounds dramatic... we know, but it's true! Your hair will thank you forever and ever because once you try it- you'll never be without it!


BIOMEGA (by AQUAGE)- "GLOWis our newest thermal protector that runs a tight race with Beyond Shine. For those of you with ultra-fine and thin hair, usually running from any product that contains oils, don't be afraid! Glow is the lightest thermal protector on the market and will never make your hair greasy or fall flat. It simply adds beautiful, natural shine while it protects your hair from the heat of thermal appliances and environmental elements. We love Glow!


AQUAGE- "BEYOND BODY" is very similiar to everyone's favorite Beyond Shine but it also has a moderate level of hold. This thermal spray is activated by heat, making it the perfect product for setting curls, creating bends with the flat iron, or flipping the ends in or out. You heard that right- using product before you curl is as neccessary to making the curls stay as using a thermal protect is to keeping your hair healthy. This product is the best of both worlds- you can have your cake and eat it too!






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From doing Manis' & Pedis' the day befor my daughters wedding and doing everyone's hair the day of the wedding, the entire staff did such a wonderful job and everyone looked beautiful. 2 years later I am still a very satisfied cleint.

~Paula S. 

Cheri is by far the best stylist I've ever gone to.. The entire staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable. They offer professional advice and the results always turn out 100% perfect! Even the other clients here are kind and wonderful! I would definitly recomment this salon to anyone.







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